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How I submitted a Chrome Extension to Google and and got it published in Chrome Web Store in less than 24 hours in 2023...

The creation of a Chrome extension from scratch, submitting it to the Browser Web Store, getting it reviewed - and then, published - in less than 24 hours is something that any aspiring developer can be proud of. Google Browser Extension - reviewed and approved in within 24 hours I managed to do just that today, on 2 August, 2023 and in this tutorial I am going to explain the whole process. Google broke the good news of the success with an email, saying that the browser extension has been reviewed and published to the Chrome Web Browser Store. Browser extension published - reviewed and approved by Google In order to understand the process, I assume you have the following skills at a reasonable level, but not necessarily at a very advanced level. 1) Good knowledge in HTML 2) Knowledge in CSS 3) Good knowledge of JavaScript 4) Knowledge in the DOM - Document Object Model 5) Some knowledge in JSON In addition, you need the following: A Google developer account - a fee has to be paid The