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Starlink: Constellation of satellites that revolutionized broadband internet by reducing latency

  The constellation of satellites of Starlink, owned by SpaceX, is already revolutionizing the broadband internet in terms of speed of data transmission, low latency and of course, the possibility of accessing it from anywhere in the world - even in the remotest parts of the world. Since Arthur C Clark, the science fiction writer, first envisioned the possibility of using satellites in communication, the use of geostationary satellites grew by leaps and bounds.  Since those who deploy them want them to be 'stationary' above a specific position of the Earth, they are compelled to make them revolve around the planet at the same speed of the Earth's rotation around its own axis - 24 hours in rotational time.. Newton's Law of Gravitation and Kepler's Laws of Motion help us calculate the specific altitude of a geostationary satellite as follows: F = GMm/r²,  t he force between the Earth and a satellite of mass m The centripetal force of the satellite = mrω², where w i