Transformation of Graphs - stretching


Transformations of Graphs

The tranformations of graphs are aimed at:

  • GCSE
  • GCE -OL
  • GCE - AL
  • AS
  • A Level
  • High School

The above animation shows the strtching of a graph parallel to y-axis and x-axis.

f(x) → af(x) is stretching parallel to y-axis by a factor a.


f(x) = x² - 2x → 2f(x) = 2(x² - 2x)

f(x) → f(ax) is stretching parallel to x-axis by a factor 1/a.


f(x) = x² - 2x → f(2x) = (2x)² - 2(2x)

You can practise the above interactively with the following applet:


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