Polygon Simulator for maths: year 9, GCSE, IGCSE and GCE OL


Making polygons for maths: interactive simulator - year 9, gcse, igcse, gce o level

A closed shape with many sides is a polygon.

Sum of Interior Angles
If the number of sides is n and the sum of interior angles is T,
T = (n-2)180

The table, given below, shows how the sum of interior angles varies with the number of sides.

Sum of Exterior Angles
The sum of exterior angles is 3600, regardless of the number of sides.

Polygon No of Sides Sum of Interior Angles
Triangle 3 1800
Square 4 3600
Pentagon 5 5400
Hexagon 6 7200
Heptagon 7 9000
Octagon 8 10800
Nonagon 9 12600
Decagon 10 14400



You can practise how the number of sides is related to the sum of interior angles - and exterior angles too - with the following simulation.
Please note that the polygons created are regular - sides of equal length.


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