Mathematicians love parametric equations!


Parametric equations of a heart

When the coordinates of a function are expressed in terms of a third independent variable, parametric equations are produced.

x = 3 sin (t)   | y = 3 cos (t)  - t is the parameter 
sin t = x/3 => sin2t = x2/9
cos t = y/3 => cos2t = y2/9
x2 + y2 = 9
x2 + y2 = 32
This is a circle with radius 3 with the centre being at the origin.


The above parametric equations produce a circle.

For more in-depth knowledge on parametric equations, please follow the this link and learn interactively. 

In order to practice the above heart interactively using parametric equations, please use the following simulation: 


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